Thursday, October 21, 2010

Monday Knights web banner

Initial web header design for the Monday Knights, based on the WW2 Bomber nose cone art, It can be updated with extra bomb symbol everytime a member wins a tournament. This will be part of the front page web presence for the group who are moving away from Yahoo Groups to a shiny new system.

DACE Website under development

This years updated Derinya Art and Craft Exhibition webpage is now in development, the home page page has been created and this will serve as a template for the following pages. The Derinya Art show is well worth a look. Beginning in 1975 as a humble fund raiser setup in the classrooms of Derinya Primary School in Frankston South. It has now grown into one the premier events on the Mornington Peninsula Arts landscape. Today well-known, highly acclaimed and successful local, interstate and overseas artists have had their work showcased